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Milo-Grogan Civic Association

The mission and purpose of the Milo-Grogan Civic Association (MGCA) is to proactively engage all community stakeholders to work together to improve the quality of life in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood. MGCA advocates on behalf of all stakeholders in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, including area residents, property owners, business owners and their employees, community and faith-based organizations and their constituencies, to external entities such as federal, state and local government, private corporations, educational institutions, and other community organizations whose business and operations will have an impact on the Milo-Grogan neighborhood.

The Milo-Grogan Vision is a continuation and expansion of Milo-Grogan Civic Association’s (MGCA) initial Back to Strong project launched in 2017.  The goal of BTS is Community & Economic Development with a focus on educating residents on historic preservation and maintenance of their homes, building good communication pathways with Milo-Grogan residents, in addition to linking resources for resident’s health and wellness needs. The Milo-Grogan Civic Association began in January, 2012.

Partners of the Milo-Grogan Civic Association are: Cultivate Community Development Corporation (CDC), Veritas Community Church, Milo Arts, Milo-Grogan Recreation Center (MGRC) and Milo-Grogan Boys & Girls Club and Reaching the Nations International. Their investment supports the MGCA desire to make our neighborhood a diverse, beautiful and safe community for all.


The Milo-Grogan Neighborhood

The Milo-Grogan neighborhood is one of Columbus’ areas of opportunity, rich with history and a passionate community of residents. Milo-Grogan community members represent a wide range of racial and socio-economic levels, a model for neighborhood development that provides access and inclusion for all walks of life. Our proximity to downtown, CCAD, CSCC, as well as being home to Milo Arts, and 934 Gallery is key to the vibrant and conveniently located community visitors and neighbors enjoy.  Milo has experienced its share of challenges and our residents have a mixed history in the community with neighbors who have lived in Milo- Grogan for generations, to new residents who have planted themselves here to bring new life and energy.

The Milo-Grogan street boundaries are
North: 11th Ave./ Conrail Railroad
East: Conrail Railroad/St. Clair Ave.
South: Conrail Railroad/ I-670
West: Conrail Railroad

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We welcome the community to join us every second Saturday for our monthly meetings at Milo-Grogan Community Recreation Center, 862 E. 2nd Ave. Columbus, OH 43201  (check our events for details).