Elizabeth Gray


I have lived in Milo-Grogan for 3 years. Milo is a community that has motivated me to be more than a resident, but a neighbor and advocate. The people and place are connected; to one another, and to a vision for a different way to live. I joined the Civic Association to be among those who value diversity, growth and heritage and seek to make Milo a great place to live, worship, work and play.

Amy headshot.jpg

Amy (Byler) Gingerich

Vice Chair

I've lived in Milo-Grogan for the past three years. My favorite thing about living in the neighborhood is how unassuming and present the people are. I have felt cared for and valued as a neighbor since day one. 

I have a background in community development and community organizing that has taught me to value Civic Associations that provide a voice for the people and unify the neighborhood. I am involved with the Civic Association here in Milo-Grogan because I want those things for my neighbors. 


Kelsi Robinson


I have been involved with Milo-Grogan for about 2 years, but have lived in Milo for a little over 1 year

I love living in Milo because it is full of some of the most compassionate, and friendly people I have ever met. I feel real community when I am in Milo. 

I am involved in the Civic because I believe it is important to know your neighbors, and to be civically engaged. The people who show up are the people that get to make the change! 

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